Curious was formed in 1996 by Leslie Hill and Helen Paris. Since then, the company has developed a reputation for its edgy, humorous interrogations of contemporary culture and politics, work that has been called as smart as it is seductive.

Curious have produced over 50 projects in a range of media including live performance, installation, publication and film. Each project starts with a question and the subsequent investigation involves intimate, personal journeys alongside public research and enquiry.

Curious are Artsadmin artists and professors of performance making at Stanford University, California. For more information on courses, please see Teaching.

In October 2016 Helen was delighted to take up an artist residence at The School of Music and Performing Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University

Claudia Barton became a Curious Associate Artist in 2011 after collaborating on several projects including the moment I saw you I knew I could love you and Slipstreaming.  Apart from her work with Curious, Claudia is a a singer and lyricist known for the role she played of 'gamine' in the London duo Gamine with whom she released two albums, Sabotage and You Can Cry. Other recent projects have been with a French producer on the album Love Pain and a dark-lounge album in a new guise as Cloudier Skies.

Photo : theatre auditorium by Hugo Glendinning commissioned as part of Artsadmin 30 published 2009.