Autobiology is an intensive programme for artists that focuses on the generation of autobiographical material by exploring the connections between the body and the mind, biology and biography, taking 'gut feelings' as a starting place.

Workshop Summary:
Participants will explore autobiological material, investigate stories of their bodies and explore ‘gut feelings’. They will work on individual and group exercises investigating ‘body memories’ and ‘parts of the body invisible to the naked eye’ from which they will create writing, performance and/or installation. The exercises will range from working methods developed over the years by Curious including writing triggers, interviews, body memory exercises, Yin Yoga, and body mapping.

Autobiology has taken place thoughout the UK as well as in the US (California, Madison) and Taiwan (Taipei)

Participant’s comments:

I thought the workshop was extremely well built up all through the week. Incredibly organised with exercises, feedback and a good balance between solo and collective works. It felt challenging deep, developing, hard – working, beautiful and rewarding. - Chloe Dechery

Not only I could dig into my own creativity and stimulate the dialogue between my bodily experience and my thoughts but it also gave me the chance to explore new tools that I can further use to enhance my creative process, to devise further art works as well as pass them onto others in my teaching. - Julie Therond

The workshop was as rich and creatively satisfying as I hoped it would be - which is saying a lot! Leslie and Helen took such detailed care of us all and I felt throughout the week that I was able to dive deep into explorations of the body-mind connections in their many manifestations.  - Rajni Shah

An incredibly enriching week. So much information was shared, there was a lot of generosity around and a great group feeling. I felt like I went through a real journey. I'm also really pleased we did yoga every day. This everyday practice, combined with being gently pushed to realise any ideas we had into pieces/glimpses of work, were really where the meat of the workshop lay for me. - Shelia Ghelani

 link to full PDF of pilot participants comments (34pp)